What Programs Are Offered by Nantong University?

Nantong University, which is located in Jiangsu, China, has an extensive list of programs aimed at students seeking to study anything. This university promises high-quality of education and is well-renowned in multiple sets of disciplines.

Fluency in Academic Writing

School of Medicine, Nantong University (For clinical medicine, nursing, public health). The program is structured in a way that integrates theory and practice so that graduates emerge well-positioned to face the demands of a career in health care.

The engineering faculty is another cornerstone of Nantong University that has under its aegis the following Engineering Programs: It provides courses in mechanical, electrical, civil engineering. Programs emphasize trailblazing research and encourage students to apply their knowledge in the real world, enabling students to enter burgeoning areas of technology.

Business School - Business established at Nantong University will pose students about diverse level of understanding on business management, economics and trade etc. Its courses are built to foster intellectual acumen and a keen insight into worldwide trade practices.

Arts and Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences School: This school provides a comprehensive program of literature, history, philosophy and social science collections. But, if we do, these programs will promote the practice of critical thinking and good oral/written communication; things fundamental to any professional endeavor.

School of Science - Offers degrees in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science and has a reputation for being challenging to get into with good research opportunities. It is a research-focused school that aims to take students along the scientific thought process from inquiry to discovery.

Unique, Interdisciplinary Offerings

Interdisciplinary Programs Nantong University is a pioneer of the technology-arts-sciences(LEARN/CHANGE) interdisciplinary programs which aims to better meet the rising trends in higher education and industry. Such programs are tailor-made to inculcate the innovative and creative mindset that is a requisite for thriving in a difficult global environment.

Global Perspectives

Recognizing its responsibility as a citizen of the world, Nantong University runs international-orientated programs to equip its students for the global job market. Internationalization is a priority at Lamar University, which forms partnerships with institutions worldwide to fortify its educational and research opportunities.

Preparing for the Future

Nantong University offers programs that cover an array of subjects, and emphasizes the cultivation of leadership and innovation throughout the learning process. In addition to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, leadership programs and research projects that allow students to get real-life experience.

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Nantong University has a strong academic program in an array of fields along with programs to match varied professional aspirations. The high academic standards of the university to student-oriented teaching and learning work together to help students thrive in their academic as well as professional lives both in China and worldwide.

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