How to Block Spam in GB WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp Features Explained

GB Whatsapp is a safe mod to try that will allow for better customization and privacy on the App. But that unofficial nature means that operators have to be very careful to process spam.

How to Find and Block Spam Contacts

The initial step to take in controlling spam is to find those contacts that make you skeptical. Spam messages usually come from new unread email addresses, sometimes with an invitation to go, or a hyperlink to visit their site. If users happen to click them, they will be directed to phishing sites or websites programmed to download malware.

How to block a spam contact in GBWhatsapp :

Just open the chat with the questionable number.

To view a contact's profile, tap their name at the top of the chat screen.

Scroll downwards to where it shows you the option to 'Block'

Click 'Block' again to confirm the action.

Once you do the above, the blocked contact is never going to be able to send you messages or call you again using GB WhatsApp.

Setting Up Spam Filters

One among the many features of GB WhatsApp is that users can have filters to handle their messages intelligently. Apart from that, by setting up these filters users will be able to move messages from their non-saved contacts directly into the archive and not mess with their primary chat list.

How to Set Up Spam Filters in GB WhatsApp

Click on 'Settings' in the left Sidebar.

Click on 'Privacy' followed by 'Groups.

Select the 'Everyone', 'My Contacts' or 'Nobody' alternatives from the 'Who Can Add Me to Groups' segment.

For more control over invites, you can choose 'My Contacts' or 'Nobody' to avoid unwanted invites by some of the spammier groups.

Regular Updates and Caution

Only download updates for GB WhatsApp by the reliable resources such as the official GB WhatsApp website. Usually these updates also have some security features added to avoid spam and safeguard user privacy.

Reporting Spam to Support

If you continue to receive spam then you can report it directly through support feature of GB WhatsApp. Well-illustrated reports allow developers to improve security features and spam detection mechanisms.

Stay Vigilant

Even if they look like they came from your friends, always be mindful when responding to uninvited messages. One such source for spam-spreading is hacking legitimate accounts and using them for spreading spam or malware.

Final Thoughts

How to deal with spam in GB WhatsAppBest practices to keep SPAM at bay in GB WhatsAppBlocking unknown sendersConfiguring message filtersUpdating the application forestalling SPAM This way users will have more secure and cleaner messaging experience.

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