What Are the Different Uses of Quartz in Home and Kitchen?

One of the most popular options being quartz, a highly durable & glamorous material which has stood the test of time when it comes to home & kitchen design. High durability, resistance to stains, an extensive diversity of colors and patterns, make it a universal material not only for the residential kitchen countertops applications. Today we are going to discuss quartz, how it can be used around the home and in the kitchen.

Kitchen Countertops

Most commonly is the use of quartz in kitchen countertops. Has a non-porous surface that makes it extremely stain-resistant, perfect for a kitchen with its frequent spills. As opposed to natural stone, quartz is not porous and therefore seals are not needed (making it less hassle). Not only this, quartz countertops can vary in color, patterns, and can look much like the natural stones which help in providing a customer with opt to design flexibility to match across any décor.

Bathroom Vanities

Quartz is just as helpful in the washroom as well. Being resistant to moisture & mildew it is a very good choice for your bathroom vanities. This material must be able to endure an inherently humid and possibly wet bathroom environment, while still standing up in terms of both durability and aesthetics. And since it comes in such a wide array of design options, it can lend itself easily to any traditional and modern minimalist bathroom décor.


Quartz flooring is another groundbreaking solution, providing an alternate, sturdy and attractive possibility for areas that receive high foot traffic. Even quartz tiles are no slouches in the strength department, and can take a licking without damage. This makes it apt for the use in kitchens, bathrooms, as well as commercial spaces including lobbies or hallways.


Nothing says high-class like a quartz backsplash in any kitchen or bathroom. It is low-maintenance and simple-to-clean, echoing the cleanliness specifications of environments at risk of splashes and leaks. A quartz backsplash can be color-coordinated with the countertops for a harmonious look, or it can be the material composition that sets it apart, creating an accent feature in the kitchen.

If you like this look, think what they might do for wall accents or fireplace surrounds!

In addition to floors and countertops, quartz is also a popular choice for wall accents and fireplace surrounds. Its one of the best tiles for using around fireplaces, enhances the look of the room, as it will be resistant towards heat. Quartz used as a Wall Accent: Quartz can be used on walls to create unique wall features, such as an accent wall in a living room or a decorative surround in a bathroom.


We are seeing more and more Quartz utilized in furniture. These pieces could be anything from a coffee table or a dining table to even decorative shelving that already find use for a quartz top to create sturdy, elegant décor. Functional as well as the focal points in interior designs.

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In short, quartz presents design flexibility and ingenuity with respect to its resilience to wear and tear which can helps with a countless of ways to use it in your home. This is the reason buyers and fashioners have a soft spot for the material with regards to home completions going from kitchen ledges to innovative furnishings.

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